An enormous amount of energy is wasted every day, even before it reaches our home. All the electricity lost through leaks or using energy-inefficient appliances tends to go unnoticed even though it’s a significant contributor to the environmental crisis our Planet is facing.
How can you help prevent such waste of energy? You don’t need to read in the dark 🙂, there are better ways to cut down on wasted energy and to slash your utility bills as well as your carbon footprint. For instance, switching to LED bulbs:

  • LED bulbs use 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last up to 20 years. That’s money saved on the utility bills!
  • You don’t need to throw out your old lamps. You can find LED bulbs to fit your existing light fittings.
  • LEDs are so tiny that they can be built into almost anything, creating loads of new design possibilities.
  • LED lights provide a variety of color-effects: from the cold white, suitable in the offices, to the warm yellow, which may better suits the homes.
  • When the first LED bulbs came up they were quite expensive, but now they are affordable and available in any lighting shop.

We’ve gone all-in with LED, by IKEA

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Energy savings, exciting new designs, better light quality, lower environmental impact and a 20-year lifespan; new LED lighting is so much better than old incandescent lighting. So, we’ve switched our entire lighting range to LEDs. This really does mean everything, from bright and accurate kitchen lighting through to warm and cozy bedroom lighting. And don’t worry; we have a LED bulb for all your existing light fittings. Welcome to the new revolution in lighting.


Federica Patrizi
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November 08, 2017