Shape the habits of your Company

Take ownership!

Do you know what the footprint of the company you work for is? Would you choose a firm over another only because the first one is more sustainable? The majority of people probably wouldn’t even get into such a dilemma.
So.. Once we start working for a company, do we only adapt to it or do we contribute in shaping what the company is?
If we, as employees, have sustainable habits in our personal life, we shouldn’t erase them in the professional life only because the working environment allows it.
Instead, dare to be the one who behaves differently and inspires others: wash and reuse your coffee cup, recycle the waste in your office, propose eco-friendly alternatives in your company’s strategy, and so on.

Be the good example that others should follow. In the “worst” case scenario you will feel good, in the best case scenario you will lead the change and, as we all know: Companies love leaders!

Check out our articles to learn more. What’s your view?

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“When asked to rank the top three stakeholder groups in driving their company’s sustainability initiatives, employees ranked second (cited by 22% of respondents), behind customers (37%) and ahead of shareholders (15%), policymakers (7%) and NGOs (7%).”
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