Well.. caring about circular economy may decline the amount of rubbish you see around you. It may clean up the air you breathe. It may drop your production cost. It may unveil a new revenue stream.
Circular Economy is a great topic to focus on at work or at the university, to discuss at the café, and at home over a dinner or drinks.
Are you creative? Analytical? Are you cynical? Are you a dreamer? Are you an employee, an employer or a consumer? Are you an entrepreneur, or maybe a student?
Whoever you are, there is something in the concept of Circular Economy that is interesting and advantageous for you too.
It makes sense, it challenges the current status quo, it gives hope for continuous improvement and development but at the same time it is hindered by the exact same factors it is trying to help. It is the intersection of politics, business and personal involvement. It is about doing good, making (or saving) money and inspiring others.
Clothes and shoes made out of plastic bottles, furniture made out of clothes, plastic packaging and ex floor planks, windows made out of doors, fertilizer made out of food packaging and much more… these are just a few examples of circular economy in the market.

Ladies and gentlemen here is an introduction to the concept of Circular Economy:

For more articles and material (depending on your area of interest), keep on following us or take a look at Ellen MacArthur Foundation website here. As far as the companies who are already embracing the concept of circular economy is concerned, we will continue to keep you posted, so that you can recognize them and perhaps reward them by becoming their partner or their customer or their member.


Dora Kallipolitou
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March 27, 2018