Home sweet home

Take care of it!

Home is where we recharge after a long day at work, where we enjoy our families and friends, we have privacy and feel safe. We take care of our home, making sure it is clean, comfortable and affordable. Can we make it even better?
Yes we can, by running a sustainable household. It means re-thinking the type and amount of resources we use, properly recycling and disposing materials and avoiding waste of energy, most of which protect us also from wasting money on the bills, and much more.

Once we learn how to reduce the environmental impact in our own house, we could even think bigger and contribute to the sustainability of what could be described as our wider home: our town, country, and eventually: our  planet!

Check out our articles to learn more. What’s your view?

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“We often waste time doubting over and over where to buy in order spend a little less;
there is an easier way to save money: let’s start implementing sustainable household habits and we’ll save on costs while conserving energy.”
Food for thought by the Habits Team