Ecosia it! [4min. reading time]

It doesn't sound as good as Google it!, right? Yes, it's true; but it's just a matter of sounds because searching into the web with Ecosia is actually much better than with the other search engines, [...]

How far do you need to go to reach what you want? [3min. reading time]

We are used to dream big, in particular when it comes to plan our next vacation. We start the decision making process thinking to travel for many days, to go far away from home, to [...]

The best way to go from A to B? Lessons learned from our experience in South America [5min. reading time]

Do you often experience the typical dilemma: I wanna go from A to B, what's the best way? We are sure travelers, by definition, have faced it several times in their life. Whenever we want [...]

When it’s a short trip, time is even more important

Time is one of the factors that in many cases dictates our travel choices. Especially if it's a trip for work and we have to plan many things or just want to enjoy as much [...]

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