Time is one of the factors that in many cases dictates our travel choices. Especially if it’s a trip for work and we have to plan many things or just want to enjoy as much as possible the limited time off-work. This is our TOP5 for saving time when traveling and in parallel doing our good deed!

  • When getting somewhere, the plane is often the quickest way to do it. Prefer the non-stop flights. They are the faster option and the better for the environment, since most of an airplane’s carbon emissions are created during its takeoffs and during its landings.
  • Take short showers! Spend your limited free-time in a wellness area if you want to relax or use it to enjoy the landscape and the activities the place you are visiting has to offer you, instead of wasting time in the bathroom. Meanwhile you also save water!
  • Leave the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door for the duration of your stay. If you are like me, I like my stuff to be exactly where I left them. It’s easier and faster to find them afterwards instead of trying to figure out where the cleaning stuff “neatly” put it. Bonus: nobody sees and touches your personal stuff and you can act as if you were home. On the sustainable side: you contribute in cutting down on chemical cleansing agents, electricity used in vacuuming, and the washing of bed linens.
  • If you go hiking it is worth spending a little time in advance to check weather conditions and the terrain you are going to hike. If you don’t manage because you decided to go spontaneously stick to the marked trails. What you will achieve is not getting lost, therefore not spending hours trying to figure out how the heck to go back or even worse waiting to be rescued! In parallel you avoid harming native fauna, putting yourself in danger and drain the resources of the rescue groups.
  • Don’t buy anything made from endangered plants/animals, unsustainable hardwoods, or ancient artifacts. Except for the fact that it is plainly wrong, you are also going to spend hours at the customs trying to justify what you have in the suitcase and probably you won’t be able to ultimately keep these items.


Dora Kallipolitou
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November 25, 2017