Antoine is from UK, he said he wouldn’t define himself a sustainability-master but he has very interesting experiences to share..

When I was a child my mum would get upset at me for not turning off a light when I left a room or for putting the central heating too high.
As i grew up I realized that it wasn’t just about saving money. My mother cares deeply about the environment, global warming and sustainability in general. She practices sustainable habits and she’s passed them on to me.
I’m grateful that she raised me in such way because it shows that she cares about my generation and those that will come after – the generations who will ultimately suffer the consequences of environmental destruction caused by an unsustainable living practices.
There is one habit, in particular, that I’d like to share.
Five years ago I was on holiday when I saw a small bird that had somehow got a net tangled around its foot. It was really stuck, and the more the bird panicked the worse it became.
It took us a while, but my friend and I eventually managed to free the bird from the net. Seeing how much distress the bird was in really affected me. I started thinking about how many animals there must be in the world that this happens to because of bits of netting we’ve thrown away carelessly.
Since then, if I have any netting to throw away I first put it inside the plastic container (its bottle for instance) to make sure it is not exposed to the environment or I cut it in pieces, and then I put it in a recycling bin.
I want to eat less red meat.
I have informed myself about this topic and realized that the meat industry has a huge impact on climate change. I think global warming is probably the biggest threat to humanity. It’s almost unanimously agreed among climate scientists that global warming is happening, and it’s happening very quickly, so I strongly believe that we need to act now.
It makes you feel good, knowing that you’re doing your bit.
For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories – I think it’s from Plato.
I believe it relates a lot with people’s habits. After all, we are what we do.

You are right! Thanks for sharing your story.