Yes you can and it doesn’t necessarily mean stop driving your car or lighting up your home. Here some room for though: the power we have on our hands, daily, as consumers is not to be underestimated in the battle against CO2 emissions. Did you know about..

The devastation of Indonesia’s forest by fires intentionally set in order to create palm oil plantations:

Palm oil is the cheapest vegetable oil in the world, used in food, cosmetics, and detergents. A very cheap commodity that grant huge profits to multinational companies.

What does it actually mean for the environment?

Burned forests-> no CO2 absorbing + release of CO2 previously held -> increase of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Think about it when making your choices, look at the label of the products you buy, inform yourself about the ingredients (palm oil is often specified), and the producers.. Don’t be a blind consumer, be aware!

A website that helps you to compare the sustainability of several brands:

Support producers that respect the environment.. Get out of the shop & feel like: “I did something good today”

What this Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is actually about?

Let’s understand it better from this video:

An ultra-high-resolution NASA computer model shows how carbon dioxide in the atmosphere travels around the globe; Dec. 2014.

Interesting, isn’t it?!? If the CO2 was thick and smelly, we would understand immediately what it means having reached the symbolic value of 400 parts per million (ppm) in the atmosphere; the highest over at least one million years. Instead it is colorless and odorless, therefore we must acknowledge this invisible danger by means of education and information.
The CO2 emissions and related global warming is definitely a large scale issue. However, we can no longer ignore it or, even worst, think that someone else will take care of it. Therefore, feel empowered and start giving your contribution in reducing the human impact on CO2 emissions!


Federica Patrizi
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March 19, 2017